"Writing, Planning, and Animating a Haiku" is a language arts unit for upper elementary (grades 3-5) or middle school students. This is a 4-week writing unit: week 1, the students visually brainstorm, plan, and write a haiku using charts and storyboards. They also make props to animate. During week 2, students animate their haiku using teamwork, a digital video camera, computer with stopmotion and video editing software. During weeks 3 and 4, the students then write about their experience in an instructional letter or article.

The final pieces from the original (2005) project's website are available here.

You may use the following information for educational purposes only. They are all downloadable PDF files.

*Note: familiarity with the 6 + 1 Writing Traits is helpful in assessing this unit.


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"Planning, Writing and Animating a Haiku"
Language Arts Unit

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