Hi! Welcome to //the_cat_films//. I'm Joyce Masongsong-Ray and this is my online animation portfolio. Here you will find movies that I made as well as some from students from classes that I have taught or projects I have directed.

I randomly came up with the name //the_cat_films// back in 2002 when I was taking digital animation classes at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Nothing clever or fancy and it stuck. Meow.

Anyway, my personal movies are on display just for fun... and yes, I am fully aware of the imperfections of the animation or design, but here they are and life goes on. Amongst other things, I am a certified teacher in the state of Michigan with endorsements in K-8, 6-8 language arts, fine arts, and K-12 English as a second language. I am interested in how educators can best utilize the arts and video as storytelling to enhance regular classroom curriculum. Teacher friends, you can find some information and lesson plans for using stop-motion in your classroom in the "Teachers" section of this website.

Enough chatter. Enjoy the show!

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